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What Is A Limited Access Plan?

Who Is It Right For?

People who may have certain medical conditions or budget constraints that may prevent them from qualifying for, or paying for, a major medical plan. While these plans aren’t for everyone, they offer great value for the right individual or family.

What Is It About?

A limited acces plan is an indemnity health insurance plan. Indemnity health insurance plans allow you to go to the doctor of your choice and pay for services at the time of the visit. Some plans offer discounts when working with facilities or physicians within a network. The amount that your health insurance company will pay is a predetermined benefit level of covered medical expenses, based on your deductible and co-insurance amounts, and the plan features.

Unlike traditional health insurance plans, limited acces plans pay you a set cash amount when you receive a particular service, regardless of what your provider charges you. Here’s an example of how it can work:

Limited access means that these are limited-benefit, fixed-indemnity plans. This means that they are not major medical insurance plans. Fixed indemnity benefits are provided for specified medical and surgical events, and hospital confinement, per your plan. Benefits are paid in specific amounts for covered events without regard to the costs of services rendered. Plans of this type do not provide expense reimbursement for charges based on the health care provider’s bill – each covered event has a fixed, specified pay out.