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Guaranteed Issue Limited Indemnity Plans

The healthcare crisis in America has resulted in millions of people being unable to afford the rising cost of healthcare. There are also millions of other people who cannot qualify for healthcare benefits due to uninsurable health conditions. The issues of affordability and eligibility are huge obstacles facing Americans as they seek to get the quality healthcare they need.

That’s where Guaranteed Issue (Acceptance) Indemnity Plans can be useful. Plans of this type require no medical examination and have few, if any, “knock-out” questions. While plans of this type are not a substitute for medical insurance, they could be a suitable choice for many people.

With traditional health insurance, there are a series of medical questions that must be answered prior to the issuance of a health insurance policy. Insurers can deny or restrict coverage based on the answers to these questions.

Fortunately, there is help. USA+ has developed a unique line of Guaranteed Acceptance Association Memberships that offer limted benefits to those who need them.

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